Can You Use Infrared Thermometers on Humans 2021

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Fever is a common concern for every person, especially babies. Experts say the mild temperature in the body helps to fight diseases. However, too high temperatures are dangerous and can lead to death or develop into serious issues. Therefore, it is essential to regularly monitor body temperature to get a hint on the underlying conditions in the body.

Infrared thermometers are essential temperature measuring instruments. They are handy devices in clinical and industrial environments. These instruments have also turned out as essential household gadgets at large. They can measure temperatures of an object where other thermometers can’t manage or aren’t practical. Can you use infrared thermometers on humans? This project will provide a blueprint about this topic.

Can you Use Infrared Thermometer on Humans?

Infrared thermometers are designed to measure the temperature of objects and bodies alike. Can you use infrared thermometers on humans? Most people have asked about this but still haven’t gotten a clear answer as such. Infrared thermometers are handy devices to monitor the human temperature. They are designed with a one-touch settings adjustment button for easy operations.


Moreover, these instruments provide accurate temperature readings at large. The thumb rule towards achieving the best of these thermometers is learning how to use them.  Before starting your measuring project correctly, it will be wise to learn the process.

Learning how to use these devices, entails initial trials to master everything about them. You should also understand the color codes to understand what a certain level of temperature means. Above all, it is essential to read through the manual guide to use the thermometer correctly.

How do Infrared Thermometers Work on Humans?

Learning how these instruments work is vital before you attempt using them. These thermometers use the infrared radiation concept to detect the temperature of a body or object. They work efficiently and provide accurate results without getting into physical contact with the body. Before we learn how this instrument works, let’s understand what infrared radiation is.

This is an electromagnetic light wavelength that is longer than the light we can see with our naked eyes. So, how does the infrared thermometer work?


Like visible light, infrared light can be focused, absorbed, and also reflected. These thermometers have a lens that focuses infrared radiation from the body of a human being. The radiations are transferred to the thermopile. At this point, infrared radiations are converted into heat. The thermopile becomes hotter, the more the infrared energy it receives from the lens. Heat in the thermopile is further converted into electricity and then sent to the detector. The sensor will detect the electricity and display on the display as the temperature.

The working process of infrared thermometers seems complicated, but everything is accomplished within seconds. Everything is complete in less than twenty seconds or so, and the temperature is displayed on display. Ensure you go through the manual guide before using it. Do everything as required to get accurate temperature measurements from your infrared thermometer.

How Accurate is an Infrared Thermometer on Humans?

If you compare these instruments with other market temperature measuring devices, infrared thermometers provide accurate readings you can rely on. They are also reliable instruments in the market that promise instant temperature reading. However, the level of accuracy to expect from these thermometers depends on many things at large. They include;


  • The distance of the infrared thermometer from the body being measured
  • How long it is hold pointed to the body
  • How steady it is held when measuring a body
  • The age of the person

These are some of the factors that can affect the level of accuracy of an infrared thermometer. For instance, these thermometers are ideal for children under three years; but, they can still provide accurate adults’ readings. Besides these, other factors such as water and wind can also affect the level of accuracy of your infrared thermometer.

Moreover, there is a need to regularly check the accuracy of your device before using it. There are three ways you can check this, they include;

  • Laboratory-based calibration accuracy checking method
  • Using an infrared comparator cup
  • The ice bath method.

These will help to set your thermometer to give you accurate results. Always perform calibration before using your thermometer.

Frequently Asked Questions

The FAQ section is vital to take you through the common things about infrared thermometers. They provide fast grasping information about the topic.

Are Infrared Thermometers Dangerous for Humans?

No, these are safe temperature measuring instruments to consider. Infrared thermometers don’t send wavelengths of infrared radiations into the body when measuring the body temperature. They only pick natural infrared wavelengths emitted by the body to help in detecting the temperature. They are designed to take surface temperatures without sending any form of the signal back to the body.

What is Normal Body Temperature with Infrared Thermometer?

Typically, the human body temperature lies at 37 degrees Celsius. This range can either rise or become lower at large. Any temperature change from the normal doesn’t necessarily mean that an individual is sick as such. Temperature changes get affected by several factors like age, activity level, time of the day, and other factors.

Can you take your temperature with an infrared thermometer?

Yes, these instruments are ideal for human body temperatures at large. However, it is crucial to learn how the device is correctly used. Correct usage of an infrared thermometer is what guarantees accurate reading. You also need to read through the manual of use to ensure you use it as recommended by the manufacturer.


We have gained immense ideas about infrared thermometers in this project. Can you use infrared thermometers on humans? These instruments are designed with powerful features that enable it to function effectively to provide accurate results.

They are also reliable temperature measuring devices that provide instant readings without physical contact with the target person. Infrared thermometers are broadly used in public, especially during this covid-19 pandemic times. They are preferred since they provide quick and precise temperature readings.

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