Is Infrared Thermometer Safe for Babies? (Read Before Use)

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Most babies develop a fever more often. Fever can be an indicator of several health conditions and should be a point of concern to parents and medical practitioners dealing with children. Parents and children medical practitioners should have baby thermometers at hand to monitor their body temperatures at all times.

Baby thermometers are handy instruments for measuring children’s temperatures. You will keep a record for medical diagnosis if a problem arises. Is infrared thermometer safe for babies? We shall discuss the IR thermometers and know whether they are right for our babies.

Is Infrared Thermometer Safe For Babies?

Infrared thermometers are drastically gaining popularity at large. However, most people lack the idea of whether they are safe temperature measuring instruments for babies or not. So, is infrared thermometer safe for babies? In the past, the rectal thermometers used to be the best option for most parents and medical practitioners to monitor children’s temperatures.

Is Infrared Thermometer Safe for Babies?

However, the infrared thermometers are now far best compared to other temperature measuring instruments in the market. Usage of infrared thermometers in children presents many advantages at large, they include;

  • Chances of transferring infection from one child to the other are minimal or nil since they don’t touch a baby to take temperatures.
  • You can use them while the baby is asleep or playing since it’s just a sweep away on their foreheads to take temperatures.

How Do You Use an Infrared Thermometer on a Baby?

Infrared thermometers are suitable modern gadgets to measure the temperature of children. However, they provide accurate results if they are correctly used. Herein is a clear guide on how these machines should be used on babies.

Step One: Ensure You Use the Right IR Thermometer

You will get several IR thermometers in the market at large. Choosing the right option for use can be such a daunting task. If you need an IR thermometer that will give you quick and accurate temperature reading, go for quality and a certified medical use option. The response time is also an essential aspect if you are looking for the right infrared thermometer to use. Get an infrared thermometer with a response time of fewer than 1.5 seconds so that you are assured of instant temperature readings at large.

Step Two: Read the Manual Guide Carefully

Ensure you know all the functionality and specifications of your thermometer well before you can use it to take temperature readings. Learn everything about the thermometers so that you can use it effectively to give precise readings.

Step Three: Ensure the Thermometer is Dry and Clean

Thermometers get affected by dirt and moisture easily. So, before you use it to detect body temperature, ensure it is free of dirt and moisture. This is a way of maintaining your thermometer to give you accurate readings when used.

Step Four: Allow Time for Acclimatization

This is a crucial step if you need to get accurate temperature readings at large. Before you use your thermometer, you need to let it settle for some time to get back to the ambient temperature. You can leave it as more as up to two hours if you can to acclimatize to give you an accurate temperature reading.

Step Five: Turning on the Thermometer

There is a trigger on the handle of the infrared thermometer where you press to turn it on. Adjust your thermometer to get the maximum measurement effect that fits you. If your thermometer is equipped with a temperature unit switching button, use it to set the thermometer to your preferred temperature units. If your thermometer supports the multifunctional mode button, ensure you set it to read the body mode.

Step Six: Choose the Part of the Body to Detect the Temperature.

Getting accurate temperature reading is everything you will need from your infrared thermometer. You can choose the forehead, armpit, or the wrist. However, you will get it accurate if you scan your thermometer through the surrounding environment’s least affected part. For babies, it is advisable to screen them at the armpits or wrist to get accurate results. Before you test, ensure clothes do not cover the surfaces. These surfaces should also be kept clean and dry.

Step Seven: Pull the Trigger and Check the Readings

After you have ensured everything is set as required, aim your thermometer at the body part. Pull the trigger and take the readings displayed on the LCD screen.

Frequently Asked Questions

This section responds to users’ concerns to ensure they get the best out of their infrared thermometers. These devices provide accurate results if they are correctly used per the manufacturer’s instructions.

Are Forehead Thermometers Accurate for Babies?

Yes, they are excellent devices to measure the temperature of a baby. However, ensure you use it correctly to give you accurate readings.

Do Infrared Thermometers Work on Babies?

Yes, infrared thermometers are reliable temperature measuring instruments we have around. Just as the rectal thermometers, the IR thermometers can be placed under the arm to provide you with accurate readings.

Where Do You Put an Infrared Thermometer on a Baby?

When using an infrared thermometer to measure your baby’s temperature, you can either scan it through the forehead, wrist, or armpits. However, you should scan through the armpits if you need accurate results since it is less exposed to the outside environment.


Is infrared thermometer safe for babies? Our project has provided parents and medical practitioners an idea of why these devices are great to measure our children’s temperature. If you follow the manufacturer’s manual strictly, you are assured of the safety of use and accurate readings at large.

Since there are reports of problems that arise when using infrared thermometers with lasers, you should keep a good distance from the baby and the thermometer at large. Infrared thermometers are great temperature measuring instruments you can consider at large.

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